Smart ticketing

Improving the ticketing processes

Smart Ticket is a simple and fast solution to inform yourself about single or group tickets for European train services. A major problem is a fast and individual access to ticket information and ticket offerings. Often the user is forced to do so in a stressful and disordered situation or environment. A second goal was to enable people on a low budget to share group tickets, as well as to support a social aspect of travelling. Smart-Ticket can be linked to your calendar and be enabled to track your location. Via these features, the application can predict what tickets are needed at what time and notify the user about suitable ticket offers. An additional user profile can help meeting likeminded people to travel with. A context-sensitive Interface enables the user to find tickets or group tickets with a free slot as well fast when he/she is already at the train station. Via a Smart-Ticket the times spent finding the right ticket or potential other passengers can be reduced and the process simplified.

The Design Process

Whilst the design process we used paper-prototyping to quickly test our ideas with probands. Through cards sortings, extreme Users, interviews and surveys we could narrow down our user needs. With Affinity Diagrams and experience maps keeping track of our progressing information about the user. This methodical approach helped me a lot of time to keep track of research-driven insight and structure and argument my design decisions.

Visual Design

Creating the visual language we designed for a busy and potentially stressed user. Easy and clear ser flows with just one highlighting colour that ensures a straightforward user flow. The interface should not be loud but taken aback putting the functionality first.

Creating an add-on for the smart-watch was a further step to minimalize the most important functionalities and break it down to its essentials such as finding other travellers and getting notifications for possible platform changes or delays.