HfG Lecturing

During my one year stay at the Highschool of Applied sciences Schwaebisch Gmuend I got the chance to co-teach beside experienced Professors as well as develop my own course for the six-semester student of the Interaction design as well as for the IoT faculty. The course Design Fictions focused on building scenarios in which the students had to build products, create services and sketch out possible outcomes. Besides the design Fiction course, I taught Application design in the 4th semester, Invention Design (4th semester), Design Fundamentals (1st semester) and Communication Systems (6th Semester).


The HfG Media Lab is a shared workspace primarily for the Interaction Design faculty. Running the Lab included building prototypes, supporting students in research and technical fields, as well as giving workshops.


Part of the Media Lab position included giving university internal and external workshops for students of all ages. Having the chance to create as well new workshop formats gave me the chance to explore further fields of interest, e.g. working on data visualisation with pj5.


As the design industry is an ever-changing field of work that overlaps with many industries, I wanted to give students a chance to get a glimpse into these. Therefore I invited speakers from start-ups, small agencies as well as big companies eg. Facebook-London, to give insight, ask questions and start a conversation.