An Exploration of the Great Outdoors

GeoStories is a locative mobile game which allows you to create and play interactive Geocaches with your own customizable character. We took the original process of Geocaching and developed it further in a way that it is possible to play, write and create a storyline other players can experience and rate. Each story is made out of GPS-based "Gamenodes" (Geocaches) the user is able to play one after another. Every Gamenode contains a text that tells a part of the story linked with a "Gameobject" (a list of Items wherefrom the creator can select game objects such as items, NPCs, or different environments) and, - depending on the type of the Gamenode, a small mini-game to accomplish the node. The text and content each Game node consist of are completely up to the creator and his storyline. Our plan was to create a locative game which not only motivates the player to go outside and play with others but also gives rewards for creativity and writing.

The profile screen displays information about the player's avatar and game progress. Each player has a fully customizable, individual avatar. By completing stories, players are rewarded with in-game items. In-game items serve as cosmetics and do not influence the game. All collected items are accessible in the player's "bag".

Build or play

Players can create their own custom-made Geo Stories in the creation system. Each individual step, called Gamenode, consists of a representative icon, text message and a linked mini-game. Players can add up different combinations of game nodes to create their own adventures.

Mixed reality and location-based games have since become a well-known concept we were still able to enhance the experience of geocaching. Furthermore, our focus fell on a still common problem when it comes to creating your own content and stories, in this field, we really felt to have made some progress for the user to be able to write and share his own stories on the fly.