Nice to have you here,

I am an Interaction Designer currently lecturing and supervising the Media Lab at the University of Applied Sciences Schwaebisch Gmuend.

My journey in a nutshell:
→ born in Füßbach 🏡 → High School 🏫
→ Civil Service (Berlin) ⛑ → 3 years around the world 🌍
→ Interaction Design Studies 👨‍🎓 → Fantasy Interactive (NY) 👨‍💻
→ Lecturing & the Media Lab 👨‍🏫

While travelling, I learned to adapt both different and difficult kinds of situations and people. Facing challenging environments made me a confident and more independent Person, who can cope with stress and unexpected obstacles. During my studies I constantly develop myself, being a communicative humorous team player who thrives to achieve the best result while collaborating with people.


Concerning design I strongly focus on concepts and strategies that take care of complex systems and more complex human needs. To achieve that I like to first build a overall structure based on (user) research. My thinking toolset contains a range of design methodology helping me to explore ideas, throw the bad ones away and to validate what's truly needed.


Hands on, I like to start with pen and paper. Depending on the phase I use different tools: From building design systems in Sketch or Figma to prototyping experiences with Principle or Framer ... However I like to test new products but I am also still educating myself in building from scratch with Arduino, VVVV, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.